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    There are only a few Melissa & Doug products that require registration. If the Model Number and the Model Name you are looking for is not listed in the "Model Number - Model Name" pull down list on this page product registration is not required.

    We will use the information provided on this page only to contact you if there is a safety alert or recall for this product. We will not sell, rent or share your personal information. If you register on this Web site you do not need to fill out the card that came with the product.

    Where to locate the Manufacture Date for registration:
    On the product registration card enclosed with your product, on both the top and the bottom of the card, there is a box that will look like one of the two samples shown here. The box contains the Model Name, Model Number and Manufacture Date. If the Manufacture Date is 7 characters it is entered completely. If the Manufacture Date is 19 characters long, on the last 7 characters should be entered.

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